Consumer behavior towards nanopackaging - A new trend in the food industry

Elsevier, Future Foods, Volume 6, December 2022
Siddiqui S.A., Zannou O., Bahmid N.A., Fidan H., Alamou A.-F., Nagdalian А.А. et al.

Packaging is a key tool to serve as a vehicle for communication between customers and the food industry. The food industry is continually investigating new technologies to improve and promote new food packaging aspects. Currently, nanotechnology has become one of the most promising trends for food packaging. This systematic review aims to elaborate on the scientific research progress of consumer behavior toward nanopackaging. Social and psychological motivations for consumers toward the new trend were discussed. This paper synthesizes various numbers of studies, especially during the digital era of Industry 4.0. The application of nanotechnology for food packaging has led to the development of active, smart, and bioactive nanopackaging, which includes nanoantimicrobials, nanosensors, and nanobarcodes. Studies showed that consumer social and psychological factors influence directly or indirectly the application of nanopackaging. Social norms, social concerns, and social media behavior are the social factors that drive consumer behavior. Moreover, motivation, perception, learning, attitudes and beliefs, personality, and habits are the main psychological factors driving the consumer decision on buying or adopting the new trend in food packaging. The understanding of these social and psychological factors is crucial for manufacturers and governments in developing strategies to alleviate the consumers’ negative feedback and reduce their unfamiliarity with the new trends in food consumption, especially nanopackaging. In the future, efforts supported by scientific evidence should be made to increase the awareness, knowledge and trust of consumers to improve their perception of sustainable packaging solutions.