Sustainable consumption and production

What is the best strategy to promote hybrid (plant-based + animal) products to consumers ?

Food Quality and Preference, Volume 94, December 2021

Guilt, sense of community and awareness of the consequences drive the reduction of food waste in US households.
How are food consumption practices motivated by the desire to fight climate change and/or the desire to protect biodiversity and nature.
This article investigates the difference in gastrointestinal fates from plant-based meat analogs versus real meat products.

Dincer, Exergy - Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development, 2021, Pages 61-89

This book chapter advances SDGs 7 and 9 by connecting exergy with three essential areas in terms of energy, environment and sustainable development.

Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, Volume 42, December 2021

Using consumer behavior to improving our understanding of effective ways to mobilize consumers to mitigate climate change.
A dynamic decision-making framework is developed to set national priorities in Qatar. The performance of a local energy-water-food nexus is assessed for future policy directions. Sustainability, security and resilience are the performance pillars adopted to assess nexus sectors.
A framework to identify roofs for food, water, and energy production is proposed. Agriculture can be implemented on 8% of roofs to produce tomatoes and lettuce. Service buildings and residential housing are more suitable for agriculture.
Research looking at effective policies required to improve the feeding practices of pregnant women and improve nutritional status of children in the Andean region.
Consumers struggle to categorize cultured meat as it doesn't fit the "meat" nor "meat substitute" categories.