Current trends in plant growth-promoting microorganisms research for sustainable food security

Elsevier, Current Research in Microbial Sciences, Volume 2, December 2021
de los Santos-Villalobos S., Parra-Cota F.I.

The use of intensive non-sustainable agricultural practices for satisfying global food demand is degrading the agro-ecosystems, leading to their inability to produce efficient and equitable sources of calories. Microbial communities play an important role in the improvement of soil fertility and plant development; thus, the genetic and metabolic diversity of microbiota in agro-ecosystems is a promising alternative for designing microbial inoculants to not only produce enough food but also mitigates the economic, health, social, and environmental issues caused by conventional agriculture. This Special Issue has been launched to compile and inspire high-impact recent advancements on bioprospecting beneficial microorganisms as a sustainable strategy to warranty global food security.