Lucie Cluver: harnessing the power of data

Elsevier, The Lancet Child and Adolescent Health, Volume 7, May 2023
Morgan J.

She is a Professor of Child and Family Social Work at the Universities of Oxford and Cape Town but has not (yet) been given her own parking space at either institution. This, Lucie Cluver explains, is why she is huddling next to a radiator on the floor, having cycled to her Oxford office on one of the coldest days this year. Whatever is, or is not, going on in university carparks, Cluver is a multi-award-winning researcher, earning her place as one of the UK Research and Innovation's 15 Women with Impact in Research in 2019. “I think if we get the science right we can improve people's lives, children's lives”, she says, convincingly.