One degree of separation: urgent questions surrounding new USA laws in women's healthcare

Elsevier, Trends in Immunology, Volume 43, November 2022
Weinmann A.S.

I never thought I would write about access to women’s healthcare. Yet, when I hit ‘send’ on the email below and it was prevented from reaching its destination, I became tired of waiting for someone to give me permission to start a conversation: ‘I say this with all respect. No matter your views, women’s healthcare changed dramatically overnight in Alabama. If we do not acknowledge this, is this really an environment that values diversity, equity, and inclusion? This is the question my women trainees and myself have been asking and we have only heard silence.’ Therefore, the purpose of this Science & Society article is to start the conversation in the immunology community and ask questions that are likely to be on the minds of women immunologists throughout the USA, especially those of us living in states who lost access to comprehensive healthcare in the blink of an eye on June 24, 2022.