A patent intelligence analysis aimed at identifying eco-friendly methodologies for recycling PVB to be used as windscreens interlayer

Elsevier, World Patent Information, Volume 59, December 2019
Priore R.
Identification of methodologies for recycling laminated glass, especially the interlayer film, and their contextualization within the glass recycling field implicated an extensive patent search. During the last decade the technology centre L'Urederra exploited a methodology for recycling the poly-vinyl-butyral to be reused as interlayer in windscreens. Subsequent rounds of patents selection were aimed at identifying equivalent or innovative methodologies. Few documents address the recycling of the poly-vinyl-butyral film describing a stage implicating a mechanic separation followed by a basic solution treatment. According to a recent journal article, such stages combination is crucial for obtaining recycled PVB compatible with its reincorporation in windscreens.