The path ahead: From global pandemic to health promotion

Elsevier, Preventive Medicine Reports, Volume 21, March 2021
Finch A., Tribble A.G.
The current COVID-19 pandemic represents an acute threat to the health of adults and children across the globe. In addition, it has the potential to worsen the health of future generations through intergenerational health effects. Examples from history, including the Dutch famine (Hongerwinter), suggest that in utero and early life environments may have significant implications for health outcomes throughout the lifespan and are important in determining risk of chronic disease in adulthood. Parental health status, stress, and nutrition appear to affect offspring health and are all affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, it is critical that we consider the potential impacts of the current pandemic on pregnant women, infants and children and take public health and medical actions to mitigate risk and promote health in future generations.