A perspective on the human dimensions of a transition to net-zero energy systems

Elsevier, Energy and Climate Change, Volume 2, 2021, 100042
Goda Perlaviciute, Linda Steg, Benjamin K. Sovacool

Net-zero energy systems are critical for reducing global temperature change to 1.5°C. Transitioning to net-zero systems is simultaneously a technological and a social challenge. Different net-zero configurations imply different system and lifestyle changes, and strongly depend on people supporting and adopting these changes. This Perspective presents key insights from the social sciences into factors that motivate low-carbon behaviour and support for low-carbon technologies, policies, and system changes that would need to be addressed to successfully design, develop, implement, and operate net-zero systems. As there is no single net-zero solution, and configurations may differ from region to region, we discuss cultural and regional factors that can enable or inhibit the implementation of net-zero systems on a global scale.