COP27 Special Issue: UN Climate Change Conference 2022 (COP27)

Pathways to Net Zero

The 27th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27), to be held in Egypt from November 6th to 18th 2022, seeks renewed solidarity between countries to deliver on the landmark Paris Agreement, for people and the planet. Elsevier are proud to offer this free access special issue with over 110 book chapters and journal articles covering a range of key issues and innovations, as well as an engaging podcast episode with Corey Peterson, Chief Sustainability Officer at the University of Tasmania, Australia.


2nd November 2022

For COP 27, RELX's Global Head of Corporate Responsibility, Dr. Márcia Balisciano, speaks to Corey Peterson

Building and Environment, Volume 219, 1 July 2022

Climate vulnerability modelling of Welsh (UK) housing stock. Propensity for summertime overheating and moisture build up in a majority of Welsh housing. Cooling and ventilation strategies will be required to mitigate future discomfort, whilst ensuring occupant health and wellbeing.

One Earth, Volume 5, 15 July 2022

Indicate the importance of adopting longer-term timeframes and pathways to ensure that the necessary pre-conditions are in place for sustainability (including climate action) beyond the current 2030 Agenda.

The Lancet Planetary Health, Volume 6, May 2022

An Article in support of all SDGS, particularly SDGs 4, 13, and 17, assessing the interlinkages between the 17 SDGs and climate change.

EClinicalMedicine, Volume 33, March 2021

A Commentary on the Healthy People 2030 roadmap, in the context of SDGs 3 and 10, focusing specifically on the potential of this initiative in addressing upstream determinants of health to achieve health equity across the USA.

One Earth, Volume 5, 20 May 2022

Calculated co-benefits for air quality and emissions reduction.

Scheduling and Operation of Virtual Power Plants: Technical Challenges and Electricity Markets, Volume , 28 January 2022

This chapter advances SDG goals 7 and 9 by demonstrating ways of predicting demand and supply when using unpredictable renewable energy sources.

Model Predictive Control for Doubly-Fed Induction Generators and Three-Phase Power Converters, Volume , 24 January 2022

This chapter advances SDG goals 7 and 11 by proposing hardware to enable the use of smart grids and renewable energy.

Machinery and Energy Systems for the Hydrogen Economy, Volume , 1 January 2022

This chapter advances the UN SDG goals 7, 11, and 12 by reviewing the current state of hydrogen production and markets to determine the most economically viable routes towards introducing clean hydrogen fuel

3rd Generation Biofuels: Disruptive Technologies to Enable Commercial Production, Volume , 1 January 2022

This chapter advances the UN SDG goals 7, 11, and 12 by envisioning the biodiesel-from-microalgae plant of the future through the exploitation of genetically modified algal strains, renewable (mainly solar) power sources, and wastewater/effluent treatment facilities for nutrient and water supply with a one-step harvesting/lipid process.