Refugee mental health and the role of place in the Global North countries: A scoping review

Elsevier, Health & Place, Volume 79, 2023
Guntars Ermansons, Hanna Kienzler, Zara Asif, Peter Schofield

Post-migration factors significantly influence refugee mental health. This scoping review looks at the role of place in refugee mental health. We included 34 studies in Global North high-income countries that elaborated on the place characteristics of facilities, neighbourhoods, urban and rural areas, and countries. While the role of place remains under-theorised, all studies reveal common characteristics that support a strong relationship between place of residence, refugee mental health and wellbeing outcomes in post-migration context. Given that refugees often have little or no choice of where they ultimately live, we suggest future research should focus on how characteristics of place co-constitute post-migration refugee mental health risks, protections, and outcomes.