A review on renewable energy potentials and energy usage statistics in Ghana

Elsevier, Fuel Communications, Volume 11, June 2022, 100065
Mohammed Takase, Michael Aboah, Rogers Kipkoech

This paper is a review of renewable energy potentials and energy usage statistics in Ghana. Principally, it covers Ghana's energy consumption from 2000 to 2020. The findings show that Ghana uses both renewable (10%) and non-renewable (90%) forms of energy, but biomass (46.667%) and oil (40.52%) are the commonly used energy resource. This is followed by natural gas (10%), hydroelectric power (7%), and solar energy (0%). The energy consumption by sector from 2000 to 2020 totaled up to 130632ktoe. Residents featured 62,736ktoe (48%) as well as industries, service, agriculture, and transport with each recording 18254ktoe, 5033ktoe, 1957ktoe, and 42652ktoe respectively. The review revealed that the energy demand of the country (Ghana) has shot up and therefore, there is the need for more sustainable energy alternatives to be employed in the energy processes of the country to offset the impacts of future energy crises.