Sustainable development or developmental sustainability: Two cases of indigenous knowledge and practices for sustainable sourcing for wood-based design-solutions

Elsevier, Trees, Forests and People, Volume 8, June 2022
Bello-Bravo J., Lutomia A.N.

Sustainable wood-based design solutions necessarily presuppose economically, socially, and environmentally reliable sources of wood use for any future designs. However, increasingly unsustainable effects from climate extremity are now prompting the search for alternative forms of use that avoid or forestall those effects. To that end, this paper reviews the notion of sustainability and qualitatively explores two cases of contemporary-indigenous forest use illustrative of better sustainable wood-sourcing use practices. Results from the case analyses yield recommendations for (1) an explicitly holistic and long-term, even generational, scale of planning, (2) human-nonhuman collaborations rooted in an integration of the life patterns of all involved actors, and (3) a change of attitude or stance that integrates sustainability values and practices across the full extent of any wood-based solutions supply- or value-chains.