Technological prospecting: The case of cultured meat

Elsevier, Future Foods, Volume 6, December 2022
Fernandes A.M., Teixeira O.D.S., Fantinel A.L., Revillion J.P.P., Souza A.R.L.D.

Cultured meat, derived from cellular agriculture, is an emerging food biotechnology. Although it is not yet available on an industrial scale, there are speculations regarding the technical and economic challenges that controversy over the viability of this product. Therefore, our study aimed to map the technological development of cultured meat. For this, we used patent registrations, start-ups, and their investors as the main indicators for analysis, observing the assumptions established in the Schumpeterian trilogy of technological innovation. We also identified the stakeholders involved in this sector, as well as their role and relevance. From these observations, we found that some technical aspects of cultured meat production can still be improved, aiming the production in economies of scale. Patent registries demonstrate that R&D efforts are precisely directed at these issues. In this sense, some start-ups that work with cultured meat are located in the Silicon Valley region. In general, our results make some comparisons possible with the trajectory of other food biotechnologies, allowing it to reflect on the dynamics and economic and technological balance behind cultured meat, which is already a millionaire sector and still has a tendency to expand in impressive proportions.