Technologies used in agricultural machinery engines that contribute to the reduction of atmospheric emissions: A patent analysis in Brazil

Elsevier, World Patent Information, Volume 64, March 2021
da Silveira F., Ruppenthal J.E., Lermen F.H., Machado F.M., Amaral F.G.
Greenhouse gas emissions are directly associated with climate change issues. Part of the emissions originates from the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas, and oil used as an energy source for the performance of agricultural machinery's internal combustion engines. However, discussions relevant to the topic are under development in Brazil, and there is a lack of research in the academic field on the intellectual property of agricultural technologies. The purpose of the article is to analyze patent filings in Brazil on technologies that seek to mitigate pollutant emissions from agricultural machinery engines. As a complement, a survey is carried out on the profile of manufacturers in the Brazilian market for technologies for agricultural machinery engines and countries that stand out to develop technologies related to reducing pollutant emissions. The Questel Orbit Platform was used to collect patent data between 2006 and 2017. The research represents innovation and extension of pollutant emissions by non-road engines and patent analysis, a field of research considered in continuous evolution by different researchers and under construction.