Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in Environmental Sensing: Chapter 5 - Artificial intelligence and sustainability: Solutions to social and environmental challenges

Elsevier, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in Environmental Sensing: Cognitive Data Science in Sustainable Computing, 2022, pp 93-108
Taghikhah F., Erfani E., Bakhshayeshi I., Tayari S., Karatopouzis A., Hanna B.

Human-induced climate change and deterioration of our natural environment are critical problems. Advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), offer potential for the development of solutions. Machines that learn by acquiring knowledge and perform human-like tasks can help humans reduce their intense use of natural resources and improve environmental governance for more sustainable living. This chapter provides evidence of AI’s potential to create new opportunities to overcome major socioenvironmental challenges, using two case studies. The first case study explains how machine intelligence can support the design and implementation of interventions for promoting proenvironmental behavior in societies. The next section discusses AI-powered strategies for efficient management of wildfires and renewable energy production. The conclusions offer insights into the ability of AI to influence larger trends in global sustainability and suggest data-driven interventions and leadership strategies to accelerate progress in combating climate change.