Chapter 1 - Healthcare in the times of artificial intelligence: setting a value-based context

Elsevier, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics for Smart Healthcare, Next Gen Tech Driven Personalized Med&Smart Healthcare, 2021, Pages 1-9
Dimitrios M. Lytras, Hara Lytra, Miltiadis D.Lytras

The value-based health-care strategy imposes significant challenges to the adoption of medical technologies in the health-care domain. The recent pandemic of COVID-19 also proved that the deployment of medical informatics in creative ways toward innovation and bold solution to new problems and cases is a vital priority for applied research. In this chapter, we elaborate on the key metaphors of the artificial intelligence (AI) and comment on the recent developments in the areas of medical technology industry, AI for health and value-based healthcare. The contribution of our work is an abstract framework for the understanding of the impact of AI in the health domain in the forthcoming years.