Deep Learning in Personalized Healthcare and Decision Support: Chapter 26 - Internet of Medical Things in curbing pandemics

Elsevier, Deep Learning in Personalized Healthcare and Decision Support, 2023, pp 357-371
Sadiq M.S., Singh I.P., Ahmad M.M.

There is a pressing need to make the most of current technologies given the global COVID-19 outbreak. The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most popular technologies today and has a lot of potential for containing the coronavirus pandemic. Healthcare can see disruptive innovation thanks to the IoT. The current situation has led to new opportunities for innovation in our daily lives, thanks to sophisticated information technologies. The IoT, which is developing from these information technologies, offers improvements and improved medical solutions, including proper medical record-keeping, sample, device integration, and illness causes. The sensor-based technology used in the IoT offers a great way to lower the risk of surgery in difficult cases and is useful in pandemic situations.