Diagnosis of Heritage Buildings by Non-Destructive Techniques - Chapter 6: Analyzing Non-Destructive Methods for Building Inspection and Energy Performance: A Focus on photogrammetry and infrared thermography

Elsevier, Diagnosis of Heritage Buildings by Non-Destructive Techniques, 2024, pages 133-158
Kalare Agrasar-Santiso, Jose Antonio Millan-Garcia, Juan Pedro Otaduy-Zubizarreta, Abderrahmane Baïri, Alexander Martín-Garín

This study focuses on the analysis and applications of non-destructive testing (NDT) methods in building inspection, which are used to measure the energy performance of the object of study and provide information on possible improvements in this aspect. Special attention is given to cultural heritage due to the great importance of NDT methods in this field. In the first step, scientific mapping is used to gather the literature related to the topic, and through scientometric research the relevant topics to be studied are identified. The study provides a comprehensive overview of non-destructive methods, covering various techniques. However, the main focus is on discussing thermography and photogrammetry methods, examining their performance and applications in the context of conservation. Finally, a discussion on the potential and future perspectives of non-destructive methods in the energy sector is presented.