Functionalized Nanofibers - Chapter 18: New insights on role of functionalized nanofibers in wastewater treatment

Elsevier, Functionalized Nanofibers: Synthesis and Industrial Applications, 2023, Pages 503-529
Khan A.U., Rahman F., Shahzad J., Rehman U.U., Abbasi N.N., Zamel D.

Nanofibers come from the fabrication of high molecular weight materials such as polymers for the production of thin fibers in the size of a nanometer. Nanofibers can be further functionalized with different materials to widen their applications, especially in wastewater treatment processes. Functionalization can be performed by adding different functional groups or materials on the surface of nanofibers. These functional materials acquire the nanofiber's extra merits to be easily applied in the target discipline. Functionalized nanofibers have a significant role in the removal of pollutants in wastewater. In this book chapter, the role of functionalized nanofibers in wastewater treatment will be discussed here in detail.