Functionalized Nanofibers - Chapter 32: Environmental impact and safety of functionalized nanofibers

Elsevier, Functionalized Nanofibers: Synthesis and Industrial Applications, 2023, Pages 923-943
Gawel K.

The application of new functionalized nanofiber-based materials enables new products and solutions to various societal challenges. Despite unprecedented benefits nanofibers offer, their application is often burdened with concerns related to the suspected negative impact the nanofibers may have on human health and on the environment. In this chapter, the potential pathways of nanofibers’ release to the environment are highlighted and occupational exposure potential to nanofibers is reviewed. The impact of various types of nanofibers on human and animal health is described. Special emphasis is on carbon-based high aspect ratio nanomaterials whose health impact has been well reported in the literature. Next, the nanofiber uptake by plants and its consequences on plant germination and growth are summarized based on available literature. Finally, legal limitations in the use of nanofibers are highlighted.