The Global Carbon Cycle and Climate Change, Second Edition - Chapter 9: Ecosystem productivity

Elsevier, David E. Reichle, Chapter 9 - Ecosystem productivity, Editor(s): David E. Reichle, The Global Carbon Cycle and Climate Change (Second Edition), Elsevier, 2023, Pages 197-232, ISBN 9780443187759,
David E. Reichle

Translating the carbon dynamics of different ecosystems, to the carbon cycle of the biosphere, requires information about the standing crop and fluxes on a biome-wide, landscape-scale, basis. To accomplish this requires knowledge of the global distribution of carbon in biomass. This requires knowledge of the mean biomass, mean productivities, and geographic areas occupied by each ecosystem type of every latitude: forests, grasslands and savannas, deserts, tundra, cultivated lands, lakes, rivers, swamps, and marshes, open ocean, continental shelf, estuaries, and reefs.