Hydrogen Energy Conversion and Management - Chapter 1: Evolution of hydrogen energy and its potential opportunities around the globe

Elsevier, Hydrogen Energy Conversion and Management, pages 3-33
Kosala Gunawardane

As an energy carrier, it has a long history. As an alternative to widely used fossil fuels, renewables have been introduced to reduce the carbon emission levels. However, since mostrenewables energy sources are highly dependent on environmental and geographical conditions, energy storage technologies alongside renewable energy sources have become a major topic of interest. Due to the high potential of hydrogen as an energy carrier, hydrogen once again has attracted attention in new applications. In the current context, hydrogen infrastructure and hydrogen-related technologies are undergoing rapid development, which will increase the possibility of hydrogen becoming one of the next major sources of energy. However, the hydrogen economy concept is still in the early stages of implementation. This concept has an anticipated future in which hydrogen is used as a fuel for heat and hydrogen vehicles, power generation, energy storage, and long-distance transport of energy.