Multidimensional Analytical Techniques in Environmental Research: Chapter 1 - Multidimensional analytical techniques in environmental research: Evolution of concepts

Elsevier, Multidimensional Analytical Techniques in Environmental Research, 2020, Pages 1-26
Regina M.B.O. Duarte, Armando C. Duarte

Atmospheric particles, soils, sediments, and dissolved organic matter in aquatic compartments are among the most complex environmental matrices known. To a large extent, the complexity and heterogeneity of these matrices hinder the current understanding of the key processes in the environment. On the quest to mine the desired information, innovative approaches have been developed for the characterization and deconvolution of the complexity of samples at different scales. This chapter sets the scene regarding the development of multidimensional and multiscale hyphenated methods for unraveling complex matrices. It will provide a critical look at the use of a second or third dimension in spectroscopic, spectrometry, and chromatographic methods, and it will identify the most important state-of-the-art multidimensional analytical strategies currently in use for the targeted and untargeted profiling of complex organic mixtures from different environmental matrices. This chapter aims at inspiring the reader to follow multidimensional strategies to solve their analytical and environmental problems.