Protective Textiles from Natural Resources - Chapter 1: Introduction to protective textiles

Elsevier, Kunal Singha, Subhankar Maity, Pintu Pandit, Md. Ibrahim H. Mondal, Chapter 1 - Introduction to protective textiles, Editor(s): Md. Ibrahim H. Mondal, In The Textile Institute Book Series, Protective Textiles from Natural Resources, Woodhead Publishing, 2022, Pages 3-38, ISBN 9780323904773,
Md. Ibrahim H. Mondal

Protective textiles are one of the fastest growing sectors of technical textiles globally. The primary role of everyday clothing is to protect the human body from adverse climate, and the term protective textiles is used when they have been especially developed for extraordinary protection such as from fire, wind, microorganisms, chemicals, gas, ballistic, radiation electricity, etc. There has been a recent trend to develop these materials from natural resources. This chapter provides an introduction to these types of protective textiles, including spacesuits, antibacterial, chemical protective clothing, flame-retardant fabrics, nuclear and radiological protective clothing, ballistic protection, industrial protective fabric, etc. in detail, along with brief descriptions of their materials, specific intended applications, the preparation process, and their design.