Sustainable Energy Transition for Cities - Chapter 1: Cities Evolution

Elsevier, Miguel Amado, Francesca Poggi, Chapter 1 - Cities Evolution, Editor(s): Miguel Amado, Francesca Poggi, Sustainable Energy Transition for Cities, Elsevier, 2022, Pages 1-17, ISBN 9780128242773, 
Miguel Amado, Francesca Poggi

The need to promote a sustainable energy transition in cities is an essential component to integrate into the pursuit of new cities models that could contribute to an adequate global response. The pillars of this framework are provided by three models that have been adopted and subsequently consolidated over the last decade: Smart Cities, Digital Cities, and Electronic Cities. A set of case studies is presented to provide a clear understanding of the Smart City potential for contributing to the reduction of external dependence on fossil fuels and the promotion of renewable energy sources and the mitigation of environmental impacts and effects of climate change.