Synthesis of Bionanomaterials for Biomedical Applications - Chapter 23: Environmental impacts of nanoparticles: pros, cons, and future prospects

Elsevier, Synthesis of Bionanomaterials for Biomedical Applications, Micro and Nano Technologies Series, 2023, Pages 493-528
Bhat M.A., Gedik K., Gaga E.O.

Due to their peculiar properties, nanoparticles (NPs) are sometimes referred to as “magic bullets.” NPs are used in almost every area of science and technology. NPs' anomalous properties, which result from their limited size scale, are the primary explanation for their extensive range of applications. These particles in the environment are part of the most up-to-date research into nanomaterials' environmental effects and nanotechnology-based goods. At the same time, they could pose a severe threat to society. Over the previous decade, the number of studies assessing the potential toxicity of nanomaterials has increased, intending to determine whether, considering their benefits, they can be regarded as a potential environmental risk. Because of their diversity, NPs should be addressed in broad terms, emphasizing the effects of a wide range of them, with the most important ones for industry being highlighted. This review chapter aims to scientifically assess the existing knowledge based on engineered NP emissions, legislation, environmental benefits, and drawbacks.