RELX SDG Inspiration Day - Creating the World We Want: One Decade, 17 Goals now and Post-Pandemic

Wednesday, 24 June 2020 

Aim: Inspiring collaborative, scalable action on the SDGs. This virtual event will explore topics including what are the opportunities for the Goals post Covid-19? What innovations are accelerating achievement of the goals? What does the ‘new normal’ mean for the Goals?  
Form: Engaging, interactive, collaborative sessions 
Who: Approximately 100+ representatives from business, NGOs, academia, and civil society 
Building on the free RELX SDG Resource Centre: Information, data, events and more to advance the SDGs 

The RELX SDG Inspiration Day will be the seventh in a series of engaging, interactive and stimulating events. Previous Inspiration Days have been in London, to launch the SDG Resource Centre; Silicon Valley, exploring the themes of disruptive tech and Amsterdam, exploring the themes of partnerships and our Inspiration Day in Delhi exploring SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities.  

To register your interest to attend please visit the event website for further details.

About us

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We believe we have the most significant impact when we apply our expertise to areas like universal, sustainable access to information, advance of science and health, protection of society and promotion of the rule of law and access to justice.