Biodiversity Research in the Netherlands and Worldwide

The report compares the scope and impact of biodiversity research in the Netherlands and from around the world, covering the academic landscape, collaboration with industry, how international policy is shaped, and an analysis of Dutch biodiversity research funding.

The report highlights a number of key findings:

  • Scholarly research on biodiversity is increasing fast, with an 8% year-on-year increase in articles over the last decade and 10% increase in the last five years.
  • In Europe, biodiversity research in the Netherlands is in the global top three countries for impact, with a Field Weighted Citation Impact (FWCI) of 2.40, while Switzerland and Sweden have FWCIs of 2.44 and 2.38.
  • There is strong international collaboration on this topic, with Dutch researchers collaborating with authors outside the Netherlands on 83% of research articles. This is much higher than the global average of 37% for biodiversity articles.
  • During the last decade, European countries published the most biodiversity research, with 41% of authors based in Europe, followed by the US (21%) and China (16%). The European lead has increased over the last two years.