SDG Book Club - Goal 4 Quality Education

August 2019

Many countries made great progress in providing quality education for their primary school chidren, in developing countries it has reached 91%. But there are still 57 million primary age children remaining out of school, mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa or in countries with ongoing conflicts. Poor education can be due to lack of trained teachers, poor conditions of schools without electricity and running water, dangerous commutes to school or a family’s lack of money to afford children’s education.

Education is also important to help us achieve many other Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). How? Let’s look at some examples: When we get quality education we can more easily get ourselves out of poverty by finding a job that pays well. Education also helps to us to make better choices for our health, like eating more vegetables or drinking less sugary beverages. In countries where all children can go to school, boys and girls enjoy an equal place in society and the same rights.

Our new reading lists cover many of these topics and we hope the stories will inspire you to take action for all children to get quality education.