Modelling Modern Slavery Risk

United Nations University, February 2019.
James Cockayne, Kelly Gleason, Pablo Diego-Rossell, Shannon Stewart, Laura Gauer Bermudez, Jacqueline Joudo Larsen and Bernard Silverman.

The report was undertaken by Delta 8.7 - The Alliance 8.7 Knowledge Platform, a project of the Centre for Policy Research at United Nations University. Delta 8.7 symposia offer experts the opportunity to discuss technical details of their research and receive commentary from the wider research and anti-slavery community. In this Symposium on Modelling Modern Slavery Risk, Pablo Diego-Rosell (Gallup), and Jacqueline Joudo-Larsen (Walk Free Foundation) discuss their innovative methodology for modelling the risk of modern slavery, while four other data science experts—Laura Gauer Bermudez and Shannon Stewart from the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery, Bernard Silverman from the University of Nottingham and Kelly Gleason from Delta 8.7—discuss the benefits and limitations of their approach. Diego-Rosell and Joudo Larsen were then given the opportunity to respond to all of the interventions.