Transforming Partnerships for the SDGs

The United Nations is entering an exciting period of renewal, inspired by the 2030 Agenda – a universal vision for a better world that leaves no one behind. Through alliances and partnerships, we are committed to building new capacities, transforming ways of working and shaping new operating models. To this end, we need all sectors fully engaged.

Success in achieving the goals of the 2030 Agenda requires all of us to deepen our commitment and engagement to work together in creative new ways. We need a bolder approach to financing and partnerships, with particular emphasis on local collaboration to address the needs of the most vulnerable in communities around the world. We need to innovate and rethink how we work, focusing less on process and more on results. We must create incentives for collaboration and integrated approaches that respond to the complexity of the transformation necessary for peace, sustainable development, human rights and opportunity for all people on a healthy planet.

This year’s Special Edition of the UN Global Compact-Accenture Strategy CEO Study focuses on transformative partnerships for the Sustainable Development Goals. Engagement with business leaders is critical for moving the SDG agenda forward. Responsible business leadership needs to be grounded in the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact. Doing business responsibly is essential for inclusive development and long-term sustainable growth.