The Amsterdam Data Science organization focuses on latest technology in data science

Elsevier, Press release November 1, 2016

Network organization Amsterdam Data Science (ADS) and Elsevier are collaborating together on several fronts, including research and development, joint promotion of Amsterdam as a data science center, and data science talent development. This partnership marks the first long-term collaboration agreement signed by ADS, an initiative of the University of Amsterdam, VU University, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica. A number of projects have already started. These are focused on improving data search and reproducibility of research that will ultimately result in higher quality research outcomes. These projects entail:

  • Developing better methods and infrastructure to share data for scientific experiments, ensuring better reuse of data in a safe and trusted manner. • Developing new search and discovery technologies for searching data underlying scientific experiments.
  • Applying knowledge graph technology to, for instance, help researchers find funding for their research or identify new relations that were previously not detectable.