Bridging the North-South divide in sustainability

Prof. Jane Polston of the Department of Plant Pathology at the University of Florida is hosted as a visiting expert by the College of Agricultural and Applied Biology at Can Tho University in Vietnam, August 2015. (Photo by Nguyen Quoc Tuan)
Elsevier, Elsevier Connect, January 2016
Ylann Schemm

Collaboration between scientists is mandatory for sustainable development, and it's critical that countries experiencing the toughest challenges in water and food security and climate change be deeply involved in finding the solutions that work best for them. As the North-South knowledge divide presents a call to action to boost the advancement of sustainability science in the developing world, the 4-year Elsevier Foundation grant will provide support for sustainability themes at annual conferences, including travel fellowships for PhDs, postdocs and visiting professors and fellowships throughout the year.