The Lancet targets the gender gap in science, medicine and global health

Elsevier, Elsevier Connect, February 26, 2019
Stephanie Clague

"Gender equity in science is not only a matter of justice and rights; it is crucial to producing the best research and the best care for patients." With those words, Executive Editor Dr. Jocalyn Clark summed up a special issue of The Lancet dedicated to advancing gender equity in science, medicine and global health.

In publishing an international collection of papers presenting new evidence, commentary and analysis, The Lancet calls on researchers, clinicians, funders, institutional leaders and medical journals to examine and address the systemic barriers to advancing women in these fields. “The evidence is clear: women are disadvantaged within science, medicine and global health,” says Dr. Clark, who co-led the project. “The source of that disadvantage is gender bias, which is a core feature of the very systems that organise these three fields.

“These problems are now well described. Our theme issue seeks to offer solutions to confront bias, improve diversity and inclusivity and drive change. Action and accountability from institutional leaders is now urgently needed.“The theme issue is unique – I don’t think we’ve seen an issue of a medical journal quite like this until now.”

The issue was conceptualised in 2017. After The Lancet issued a call for papers, they received more than 300 submissions from over 40 countries. All content underwent the usual Lancet peer review process, and an international advisory group of 14 men and women was formed to help guide and inform the process.