A Comprehensive Guide to Solar Energy Systems - Chapter 24: Global Growth Trends and the Future of Solar Power: Leading Countries, Segments and Their Prospects

Elsevier, A Comprehensive Guide to Solar Energy Systems With Special Focus on Photovoltaic Systems, 2018, Pages 469-484.
James Watson, Kristina Thoring and Alyssa Pek

This chapter examines the growth of solar photovoltaic (PV) power across regions and countries, from the early 2000s until the current period. It will identify the countries where the initial solar PV development began and the countries where development is currently growing. The chapter will also assess the likely future path of solar PV in the coming years and offer some predictions as to how and where future growth will take place. This will entail an analysis of the drivers of deployment in the past, present, and future. Finally, the chapter will examine the breakdown of the types of deployment by segment, offering views on their future development.