Cancer Moonshot Report

Cancer Moonshot Report
Elsevier, Research Intelligence, August 2016

With this report, Elsevier aims to benchmark and map out the global landscape of cancer research to provide helpful new insights. 

Along with other materials, this benchmark report will offer the research community, pubic, policymakers and research funding organizations information on the current state of cancer related research. We hope this report will be used to inform the development of new operational approaches, priorities, policies and funding strategies to produce new knowledge that will address key challenges related to cancer in the most effective, efficient and impactful way possible.  

We consider this report to be a "pre-print" version and invite you to provide comment and feedback.

The initiative to speed up cancer research, currently called the "Cancer Moonshot," is administered through the White House. After the incoming administration develops its priorities for its support for the initiative, we are looking forward to continuing to produce additional installments of the benchmark report. The nature and number of installments is not set and will be informed by input from the community and an advisory board. We anticipate four to six topic-specific installments plus an analytical summary. Our hope is to release the full report by end of 2017.

The report is being developed with Elsevier’s Research Intelligence products and services; bibliometric data comes from the Scopus database, which is approaching 1 million peer-reviewed publications and scientific proceedings on cancer research produced in the past decade.

Part 1: Mapping out cancer research landscape globally 2011-2015 

This first installment of the Elsevier benchmark report presents an overarching view of emerging trends, many of which will be examined in greater detail in subsequent chapters. The maps show the key countries and institutions that form the basis for analysis in this document.