Podcast: How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing the Workplace

XpertHR, July 17, 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly significant role in recruiting and hiring, cybersecurity, payroll and other employment areas. This podcast takes an in-depth look at AI issues with Garry Mathiason, who spearheaded a first-of-its-kind practice area in forming the Robotics Practice Group at Littler Mendelson.

Mathiason suggested that AI is becoming an essential tool in recruiting, hiring and talent retention by:

  • Helping to increase consideration of minority job applicants;
  • Sifting through millions of applications on websites;
  • Reaching into candidates not currently on the job market; and
  • Giving employers an indication of how likely it is an employee will leave.

However, Mathiason said AI will never fully take the place of employees in noting, "There are factors humans bring to the workplace that AI can't simulate." While acknowledging that some jobs will be lost as a result of AI, Mathiason asserted that it is just as likely that employees will gain new employment opportunities by virtue of the technology.