Application of artificial intelligence based on sensor networks in student mental health support system and crisis prediction

Elsevier, Measurement: Sensors, Volume 32, April 2024, 101056
Zhou Tian, Deng Yi

The psychological health problems of students are directly related to the stability and development of society. With the development of society and the fierce competition in education, students are facing increasing psychological pressure, leading to increasingly prominent mental health problems. This not only seriously affects students' lives and studies, but also has a negative impact on the entire society. This article develops a student mental health support system based on artificial intelligence and big data analysis, through research and analysis of artificial intelligence and big data analysis. Then, based on the needs of students' mental health support and crisis prediction, corresponding algorithms and models are designed to apply artificial intelligence and big data analysis to the students' mental health support system, and relevant experiments and tests are conducted. The research results indicate that through this system, students can receive personalized mental health support and guidance, and can predict the possibility of student mental health crises. This system has achieved significant results in providing students with mental health support and predicting crises.