Carbon neutral manufacturing via on-site CO2 recycling

Elsevier, iScience, Volume 24, 25 June 2021
Barecka M.H., Ager J.W., Lapkin A.A.

The chemical industry needs to significantly decrease carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in order to meet the 2050 carbon neutrality goal. Utilization of CO2 as a chemical feedstock for bulk products is a promising way to mitigate industrial emissions; however, CO2-based manufacturing is currently not competitive with the established petrochemical methods and its deployment requires creation of a new value chain. Here, we show that an alternative approach, using CO2 conversion as an add-on to existing manufactures, can disrupt the global carbon cycle while minimally perturbing the operation of chemical plants. Proposed closed-loop on-site CO2 recycling processes are economically viable in the current market and have the potential for rapid introduction in the industries. Retrofit-based CO2 recycling can reduce annually between 4 and 10 Gt CO2 by 2050 and contribute to achieving up to 50% of the industrial carbon neutrality goal.