Characteristics of good contraceptive counselling – An interview study

Elsevier, Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare, Volume 39, March 2024
Armuand G., Grandahl M., Volgsten H., Stern J.

Objective: One key component in preventing unplanned pregnancies is to provide effective contraceptive counselling. This study aimed to investigate what characterises good contraceptive counselling from the woman's perspective. Methods: A qualitative study with a phenomenological approach. Twenty-four women aged 15–45 participated in semi-structured, individual, face-to-face interviews that lasted, on average, one hour. Data were analysed by latent content analysis. Results: One overall theme emerged, person-centred contraceptive counselling – an interactive process, with three main categories: (i) a trustworthy healthcare provider, (ii) creating a liaison and (iii) the right time and place. Conclusions: The healthcare provider's attributes as well as what happened between the healthcare provider and the woman, and the surrounding context, had a bearing on the women's descriptions of good contraceptive counselling. The process of the counselling was described as more important than the actual outcome; thus, healthcare providers need to be aware that this seemingly straightforward consultation is rather multi-layered and has great health promoting potential.