Cognitive abilities among employed and unemployed middle-aged women – A systematic review

Elsevier, Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health, Volume 15, 1 May 2022
Madhavan A., Bajaj G., Dasson Bajaj P., D'Souza D.F.

(1) Problem considered: Lack of employment linked mental activities could pose non-working middle-aged women to a greater risk of cognitive decline. This systematic review aimed at examining the cognitive effects of unemployment among middle-aged women. (2) Methods: Based on PRISMA guidelines, a systematic review from five suitable studies was conducted. (3) Results: Evidence suggesting adverse cognitive effects of unemployment among middle-aged women was obtained. Paid work seemed to have a significant positive impact on cognitive abilities. (4) Conclusion: The findings warrant healthcare specialists and policy makers to cater to the cognitive demands of unemployed middle-aged women to facilitate healthy aging.