Community Participation and Multidimensional Child Growth: Evidence from the Vietnam Young Lives Study

Elsevier, Current Developments in Nutrition, Volume 6, 1 April 2022
Martinez R.G., Wells J., Anand P., Pelto G., Dhansay M.A., Haisma H.
Background: Community participation has the potential to improve the effects of interventions and reduce inequalities in child growth. Multidimensional indicators capture such effects and inequalities. Objectives: The objective of this study was to measure the association between multidimensional child growth and community participation in 2 nutrition-sensitive interventions. Methods: A Multidimensional Index of Child Growth was calculated with the 5-y-old cohort of the Vietnam Young Lives Survey. Young Lives is a unique dataset that has information on community participation in the design and implementation stages of 2 interventions: a health and a water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) intervention. Community participation during the interventions was recorded retrospectively with interviews at the household level. Ordinary least-squares and quantile regressions were estimated using data on 240 children. A Multidimensional Index of Child Advantage, sex, and location (urban/rural) were included as control covariates. Results: A positive association (post hoc statistical power = 0.859) was estimated for community participation during the design stage of the WASH intervention, particularly for the most deprived children (P