Food environment interventions targeting children and adolescents: A scoping review

Elsevier, Global Food Security, Volume 27, December 2020
Downs S., Demmler K.M.
Intervening in the food environment is critical to improve the diets and nutrition of children and adolescents. Little is known about the most effective interventions targeting children and adolescents, particularly in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). We conducted a scoping review of the literature to examine influence of external and personal food environment interventions on the diets and nutrition of children and adolescents. Most of the included studies examined interventions in school settings in the United States, with few studies from LMICs. Overall, several interventions in both school and community settings showed promising results improving child and adolescent diets. Moreover, personal food environment interventions aimed at improving food affordability were associated with improvements in diets and nutrition outcomes.