Green attributes converged within multifunctional technology products

Elsevier, Telematics and Informatics, Volume 34, 1 February 2017
Arruda Filho E.J.M., Brito E.P.Z.
This article analyzes the way in which the convergence of green attributes in multifunctional technological products influences consumers' purchase intentions. Due to the recent growth in convergent products, technology users and consumers must choose among numerous different applications that can be perceived as either utilitarian or hedonic. This article suggests that new products launched on the market include attributes that are connected to sustainability and provide added value to consumers in their process of decision making. The primary question addressed in this article concerns whether an increase or decrease in consumer intention is based on the perception of the product's utility, and the consumer's prior experience and attitude toward green products. A 2 × 2 × 2 experiment was conducted to evaluate utilitarian or hedonic convergence, green attribute integration, and predisposition for (involvement with) green products. We propose that consumer value increases for those consumers with a high perception of green integration connected to a high predisposition for green devices, which increases the utilitarian value of the product or justifies the hedonic purchase of technological equipment.