The Importance of Health Literacy in Addressing Eye Health and Eye Care Disparities

Elsevier, Ophthalmology, Volume 129, October 2022
Capo H., Edmond J.C., Alabiad C.R., Ross A.G., Williams B.K., Briceno C.A.

Disparities in eye health and eye care frequently result from a lack of understanding of ocular diseases and limited use of ophthalmic health services by various populations. The purpose of this article is to describe the principle of health literacy and its central role in enhancing health, and how its absence can result in poorer health outcomes. The article evaluates the current status of health literacy in visual health and disparities that exist among populations. It also explores ways to improve health literacy as a means of reducing disparities in visual health and eye care. Advancing dissemination of health information and enhancing health literacy may help not only to reduce healthcare barriers in the underserved populations but also to lessen visual health disparities.