Introducing the Canadian Women's Heart Health Alliance ATLAS on the Epidemiology, Diagnosis, and Management of Cardiovascular Diseases in Women

Elsevier, CJC Open, Volume 2, May 2020
Norris C.M., Yip C.Y.Y., Nerenberg K.A., Jaffer S., Grewal J., Levinsson A.L.E. et al.
Despite a global understanding that indicators and outcomes of cardiovascular disease (CVD) are known to differ between men and women, uptake of the recognition of sex and gender influences on the clinical care of women has been slow or absent. The Canadian Women's Heart Health Alliance (CWHHA) was established as a network of experts and advocates to develop and disseminate evidence-informed strategies to transform clinical practice and augment collaborative action on women's cardiovascular health in Canada. As an initial project, the CWHHA membership undertook an environmental scan of CVD in women in Canada from which a scientific statement could be developed to summarize critical sex- and gender-specific issues in CVD. This comprehensive review of the evidence focused on the sex- and gender-specific differences in comorbidity, risk factors, disease awareness, presentation, diagnosis, and treatment across the entire spectrum of CVD. In the process of creating the review, it was recognized that the team of CWHHA experts had also assembled an expansive collection of original research articles that were synthesized into detailed chapters reporting on the present state of the evidence unique to each cardiovascular condition in women. This work comprises an “ATLAS” on the epidemiology, diagnosis, and management of CVD in women. The overall goal of the ATLAS is to create a living document that will help clinicians and the public recognize the unique aspects of women's heart health care and provide policy makers with information they need to ensure equitable care for women with CVD.