Learning trajectory of a student with learning disabilities for the concept of length: A teaching experiment

Elsevier, Journal of Mathematical Behavior, Volume 64, December 2021
Guven Akdeniz D., Argun Z.
This study aims to map the learning trajectory (LT) of a student with learning disabilities (LDs) regarding the unit concept in length measurement and the usage of rulers. The article draws on data from a teaching experiment with a 10-year-old student with LDs in Turkey. Data were analyzed in two stages, including microanalysis, where each successive teaching session was separately analyzed, and macroanalysis, where the teaching sessions regarding interrelated instructional goals were analyzed to construct the LT. The main findings of the study illustrate that this student with LDs eliminated her misconceptions about the unit concept and using a ruler, accomplished the determined instructional goals to a large extent, and reached a higher level of thinking with a 4-month teaching experiment designed based on her specific developmental capacity.