Lipidomics analysis in drug discovery and development

Elsevier, Current Opinion in Chemical Biology, Volume 72, February 2023
Kostidis S., Sanchez-Lopez E., Giera M.
Despite being a relatively new addition to the Omics' landscape, lipidomics is increasingly being recognized as an important tool for the identification of druggable targets and biochemical markers. In this review we present recent advances of lipid analysis in drug discovery and development. We cover current state of the art technologies which are constantly evolving to meet demands in terms of sensitivity and selectivity. A careful selection of important examples is then provided, illustrating the versatility of lipidomics analysis in the drug discovery and development process. Integration of lipidomics with other omics’, stem-cell technologies, and metabolic flux analysis will open new avenues for deciphering pathophysiological mechanisms and the discovery of novel targets and biomarkers.