A mathematical study on the drug resistant virus emergence with HIV/AIDS treatment cases

Elsevier, Heliyon, Volume 7, January 2021
Chang H.

HIV/AIDS drug treatments, one of which is highly active anti-retroviral ther-apy (HAART), often fail by the emergence of drug resistant virus. In this paper we study a quantitative method to evaluate the chance of resistant virus gen-eration. To this end we develop a mathematical description of the possibility of the emergence of resistant virus species against drug treatments, depend-ing on the trajectories of the state variables of HIV infection dynamic model. By simulation studies of mathematical models we apply the proposed analy-sis method to HIV/AIDS drug therapies, improved gradual dosage reduction (iGDR) and structured treatment interruption (STI). Based on the analysis it can be explained the reason why STI therapy often fails. Moreover it is con-cluded that iGDR is desirable particularly by decreasing the threat of resistant virus emergence.