Microalgae–nutritious, sustainable aqua- and animal feed source

Elsevier, Journal of Functional Foods, Volume 62, November 2019
Dineshbabu G., Goswami G., Kumar R., Sinha A., Das D.
Aquaculture and animal rearing for meat has increased exceedingly to meet the demands of ever-increasing population. Utilizing small fishes and agricultural products for feed production will lead to over exploitation of the resources and competition with food respectively. Microalgae can be next alternate source for animal and aquatic feed production in an environmentally sustainable and economically advantageous manner. Microalgae are more nutritious than the traditional sources of animal and aquatic feed like millet, grams and other small fishes in terms of its protein, omega 3 fatty acids and carotenoids content. Apart from being nutritious, they have anti-oxidative, anti-microbial and disease-preventing molecules that can provide long life span to the animals and fishes. The mass production strategies for low value commodities like feed has to be further improved. The review emphasizes the nutritional, physiological importance of microalgae to animals and aquatic organisms; highlighting the companies involved in microalgal feed production.